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Addressable Data and Media Content Management For The Next Generation of Mobility

Run your Data and Content on a unified Media/Data Transport platform

A seismic shift is underway in the video/data transport industry

Hardware, software, data and content services are all colliding.

This shift is causing your media, creative and data management operations to become more complex, fragmented and disconnected.

Opportunities to create value for your business are emerging, but your current fragmented content management and data taransport logistics setup is getting in the way.

Liberate your content management /data logistics

The Netchannel1 platform virtualizes all your operations and gets them working together intelligently.

Reduce operational costs

Streamline teams and assets making them synchronized and efficient.

Optimize your business

Leverage data for informed strategic decisions and smart allocation of resources.

Deliver value

Build experiences that elevate your brand extend your audience and captivate your customers.

It Unifies &

Netchannel1 connects all your media asset and data operations under a single, addressable ecosystem that you control in real time, consolidating the complexity of your business into a central hub that’s accessible anywhere.

It Organizes &

Netchannel1's Chakra® engine algorithmically automates all your media transport logistical requests (MTLR) unchaining your business from human error and outdated processes. Your distribution operations become predictable, robust and easily scalable.

It Distributes
Tasks For You

Tasks are sent out to your workforce without a single button pressed. Everything is optimized for maximum efficiency so you can do more with less.

It thinks & learns your business

Netchannel1 analyzes the data it transports and uses it to deliver smart recommendations that uncover inefficiencies and unlock insights. Making informed decisions has never been easier.

Everything Connects To Netchannel1

Access our services and plug in your own.


Holistically oversee your content ’s diagnostic, location, deployment and usage data.


Managers and end distributers receive and transmit real-time data with our api and insights in real time with our cloud dashboard.


Content, rights management, and media outlets automatically receive deployment tasks through our unified platform.


Content and data storage assets across your network are monitored for utilization.

Rights management and licensing Operations Teams

RMLO teams oversee requests in real-time through a unified interface. Attribution, monetization and audience insights emerge in real time

Internal Systems

Your own billing, production and admin systems bidirectionally sync with our Chakra® processing engine.


Client usage data is securely leveraged to provide insights into location, environmental and end user experiences with your content and data.

Custom Media Data objects and Elements

Any assets and services can plug into Netchannel1 with our public API and SDK.

Netchannel1 comes with a full suite of applications and tools that allow your company to build a fully integrated content, data management and logistics ecosystem.

Derive real value from your content

Once your operations, content and data are connected to Netchannel, you’ll see immediate results.



Per Request Cost Improvement

A national news organization has seen a reduction in operational costs and increased revenue as well as audience penetration using the Netchannel1 CHAKRA® Processing Engine.



Uptick in office productivity

Using Netchannel1’s cadence-based content scheduling to banish repetitive bandwidth hogging media requests, in-production teams are spending less time on the mundane and more time on the things that matter.



Turn around time improvement

Leveraging Netchannel1’s global task distribution systems, clients are seeing higher utilization of their assets and drastic reductions in media "downtime" across their businesses.



Workforce reduction

Clients are losing less per month on misatribution and opportunity cost by obscurity by allowing Netchannel1 to algorithmically define daily content delivery demand and transport — freeing up resources to move their businesses forward.

Leverage the platform to transform your business

No more excel

Netchannel1’s platform provides request level analytics and deployment data, allowing media managers, GMs and VPs to understand how they are utilizing their IP ’s resources.

Wow your customers

Deliver modern, relevant experience data that delight your advertisers and channel partners with on-demand services that are powered by the Netchannel platform.

Kill vendor overlap

With Netchannel1’s unified video transport ecosystem,content access requests can be streamlined to eliminate any inefficiencies and duplications.

Pay as you go

Take advantage of Netchannel1’s revolutionary pricing model. Unlike other SaaS products, Netchannel1 has no per-user costs and no monthly commitments. Just pay for what you use.